Our blockchain apps course teaches you how and why the blockchain works, as well as guiding you through a hands-on experience to design, craft, and deploy your very own decentralised app on a modern blockchain.

In addition to giving you a deep understanding of the basics of blockchain technology, our experienced trainers will also teach you through in-depth case-studies when it is appropriate to use blockchain technology to solve problems in the real world, and when their utility would be limited. Our experienced instructors with experience in real, multi-million dollar cryptocurrency and blockchain startups will also teach you some of the cutting-edge technologies that are currently disrupting the blockchain space, such as proof-of-stake, the lightning network, and the IOTA dangle, just to name a few.

At the end of the course you will have an expert knowledge of the many technologies and ideas that have driven the adoption of blockchain in so many industries, you will understand when blockchain should be used, as well as how some of the latest technology is working. You will also walk away having built and deployed a real-life decentralised application on a blockchain that you can showcase in your professional portfolio or potentially launch into a product.

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